We are a group of Texas licensed and nationally certified acupuncturists and herbalists. Currently, we have two locations to serve our patients in person. One is in Houston while the other is in Beaumont, TX. Due the the georgraphic limits of geography, time and space, we can only serve a very small portion of this society in our offices. In order to benefit more suffering people, we offer your our website. This way, people all over the country can use our services and benefit from us.

We have been studied, reaearched and practiced in the acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine field for more than 20 years. We have always wanted to share our experiences and knowledge with the general public as much as we could. Now, thanks to the advanced techology of Internet that makes this website and our dream into reality.

There are several ways that you can reach us. You may use our email to ask all the questions you may have. Or you may visit one of our offices to consult with us:

1. Houston office: 12919 Kathy Lane, Cypress, TX  77429   (281)257-1589. Click here for the map.

Here are some pictures of our Houston/Cypress clinic. It is surrounded by many tall pine trees filled with lots of wild birds. And the pebble trails, fish pond and more are under construction to benefit our patients.

2. Beaumont office: 155 IH-10 North, Suite 207, Beaumont, TX  77707. Tel: 409-833-8878. Also click here for the map.

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