For thousands of years, our ancestors used herbs, food supplements and Mother Nature to treat all kinds of problems. In past decades, tremendous progress has been made in terms of medical technology and skills. However, the rising cost of healthcare and the advent of tougher germs and viruses are forcing us to think again about how to deal with diseases from another perspective.

We are a group of healthcare practitioners specializing in general healthcare, herbs, nutrient supplements and acupuncture.  We have researched and practiced Nature medicine for more than 20 years. Now it is time for us to share our knowledge, express our ideas and help more people.

We have developed a comprehensive catalog of commercial, synthetic drugs and their herbal alternatives that enables patients to cross-index what they need in herbs or herb formulas to help their symptoms. For example, if you are taking Premarin and want to know if there is any natural alternative that might replace the perscription drug, you may just go to our "Top 50 drug list" and find out our recommendations. Or if you are thinking of taking Vioxx, you may go to the same "Top 50 drug list" to see the natural painkiller we have.

Please consult your physician or your MD before taking any herb pills or supplements. We provide the information based on our best knowledge. You may find more information on the Internet or in bookstores and other sources. We can help you to fight your diseases: however, we DO NOT asert that we can heal or cure the disease. No statements or claims about the herbal remedies here have been evaluated or proved by the FDA. This is a free country: please make your own decision before ordering from us. If you are under age 18, please have your guardian agreed in writing first. Thanks!

If you have any question and want to discuss with our experienced staff first, please email us here. Thanks!