Here are some real testmonials from our recent clients:

Thank you for the excellent care I received at your clinic. Your insight and power of observation is amazing! Your ability to "Read Me" was a new and fascinating experiences.
I belived you helped my life through a difficult crisis. My circulatory problems were improved and I was able to get so much needed rest during a time when I was unable to sleep.
As you know, when I was seeing you, my symptoms from Hepatitis C had become crucial. With your help, I have been able to return to work and resume a nearly normal life.
I am forever grateful.  

Patrick D., Houston, TX.

Blessings! I was referred to this site by a wonderful BEING, Alex K. Wang. He treated me to eliminate a pending heart problem. I don't recall what he recommended that I take. I took it. 

Ptah A., Clearwater, FL.

To whom it may concern. I have gained weight over 47 pounds! It really works! I feel better about myself. When I came here I was only 80 pounds! I am so happy!

LaJuana C., Alief , TX

I am 35 years and I was unable to be pregrant until I was treated by Dr. Wang. Now I am pregrant and ready to delivery my FIRST girl in two months! Many thanks!

Phoung D., Sugar Land, TX

I was in the hospital for three weeks to treat my lung fluid retension with little result. I could not speak, sleep nor rest. I was treated by acupuncture and took four bottles of the herbal pills. Now I can do the house work, sleep and talk loud! 

Josefina M., Katy, TX

My cholesterol was extremely high, over 500 and I was told I may have heart attack any time! I  took the herbal powders from this site for three months and my cholesterol reading was down to around 250 only. My headache and constipation were also improved. Not to mention how happy my wife is. Thanks! 

David J., New York City

I have only took a bottle of the formula and I CAN feel the difference in my ovary cycts! It's not that painful and distension anymore! I came back, and bought six more bottles with me!

Glida V., La Porte, TX

The lower back pain and heaviness has bother me for over a year and I have done CT, X-ray and MRI. Doctors said there is nothing wrong with me. I came here and just one treatment, I felt much better and am able to join my sister's wedding in LA. Thanks!

Anh T., Houston, TX