Herb Brain arteriosclerosis F3
Herb Brain arteriosclerosis F3: High blood pressure with chronic headache, tinnitus, depression, brain arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and stroke.

1. High blood pressure: In a lab test at 30mg/Kg, animals' blood pressure dropped significantly within three to five hours of taking F3. Another test used 30 mg/Kg and 300mg/Kg separately to observe the difference. At 30mg/Kg, blood pressure dropped 20mmHg, while at 300 mg/Kg, it dropped 26 mmHg within three to five hours. There is a positive relationship among the dosage, the length of time and the pressure dropped when taking F3. In clinical reports, of 182 HBP patients taking F3 for an average of 7.4 months, 32 were cured (17.58%), 60 significantly improved (32.96%), 75 improved (41.20%) and 15 did not (8.24%). The F3 formula is found to be effective to treat HBP patients with following symptoms: headache, shoulder pain, and red swollen eyes. Another report on 14 patients taking F3 for 22 weeks showed BP started dropping at the second week of treatment, p<0.05. TC and TG also dropped significantly.  Another 72 HBP patients with SBP>160mmHg and DBP>90mmHg took F3 for four weeks and reported depression, poor appetite, sleep, pain, bowel movements, sex life, SBP, DBP, SVR and HR are all improved.
2. Alzheimer's disease: In a clinical report on 110 patients, who were divided into a treatment group (n=53) taking F3 and a comparison group (n=57) taking regular western medicine for 12 weeks, there was a significant difference in SDAT between two groups. Short-term memory, sleeplessness ,delusion, muttering and other GBS indices are  improved. The F3 formula is suitable for Alzheimer's patients who have a disease history of less than five years, are not too underweight, do not have severe atrophy in the brain white pulp tissue and are without HLA-B6, B7 & CW7. A report from Japan studied 59 patients who were divided into a treatment and a comparison group using Amantadinum at150mg and other drugs. The treatment group had better results than the comparison group, p<0.05.
3. Tinnitus: Of 34 patients with chronic tinnitus taking F3 or its modification, 2 were cured (5.88%), 4 significantly improved (11.76%), 11 improved (32.35%) and 17 did not  (50%). 
4. Headache: A report on 26 stroke patients with HBP taking regular western medicine along with F3 formula for an average of 21 weeks found 17 were cured (65.38%)., 5 improved (19.23%) and 4 did not improve (15.38%).

       Toxicity and side effects: There is no known toxicity or side effects reported on F3 formula.

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A bottle of Herb Brain arteriosclerosis  F3 at $22.99
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A month supply of Herb Brain arteriosclerosis F3  at $79.99!! Save over 10%!!
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12 bottles of Herb Brain arteriosclerosis F3 at $219.99! Save over 20%! Plus FREE S/H!!
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