Herb Allergy F6
Herb Allergy F6: Allergy with general weakness, excessive sweating, pale complexion, low immune function, weak voice and tendency to bruise or bleed easily.

1. Allergy and sinus: Five reports on 117 allergy sinus patients taking F6 for up to 7 months showed 77 were cured (65.81%), 30 improved (25.64%) and 10 did not improve (8.55%). The 77 cured patients did not have any recurrence of their allergies for the next 12 months.
2. Digestive tract protection: the F6 formula has multiple adjusting effects on the digestive tract. It aids the production of gastric proteins and helps to restore damaged stomach tissue. In a lab test using 10g/kg, 20g/kg and 30g/Kg of F6 in the treatment group and distilled water in the comparison group, both groups were fed alcohol, NaOH, HCL and analgesic drugs to observe ulcer and stomach damage. In the treatment group, the amount and extent of ulcer and stomach damage was much less than in the comparison group, p<0.01 and p<0.001. F6 also increased PGE2 & cAMP in treated animals to protect the stomach. The F6 formula also increased the absorption rate in the intestines. In a lab test, the glucose residual rate was much lower than in the comparison group and the blood sugar level rose significantly, p<0.01. In a clinical report on 100 gastritis patients using F6 formula, 52 patients were cured, 40 improved and 8 did not respond to the treatment.
3. Constipation and diarrhea: Three reports on 78 chronic constipation patients showed all cured after three weeks of treatment with the F6 formula. Another five clinical reports showed the same effects on constipation.  Two reports on 49 irritable bowel syndrome patients taking the F6 formula for two weeks showed 25 were cured (51.02%), 18 improved (36.73%) and 6 (12.24%) did not improve. There are also reports on using F6 formula successfully to treat diarrhea in AIDS patients.
4. Immune function: The F6 formula can increase OKT3 and OKT4 in patients with low immune function. In TB patients, T4 and PHA is typically up while T8 is down. The formula could be used as a B-cell stimulant to increase the activity of NK cells. Many lab reports prove F6 formula has great potential in adjusting the human immune system. In a report on auto-immune disorder patients taking F6 for 28 days, the average IgG dropped from 2263mg/dl to 2086mg/dl, p<0.01. A clinical report on 75 low WBC counts patients-- all patients' WBC counts were lower than 4x1,000,000/ml showed 38 were cured (50.67%), 25 significantly improved (33.33%), 7 improved (9.33%) and 5 did not improve (6.67%).  50 patients with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) took F6 for a month. 2 significantly improved (4%), 24 improved (48%) and 24 slightly improved (48%). Various reports indicated F6 can prolong cancer patients' lives from 30.8% to 40.7%. A report from Japan on 24 late-stage liver cancer patients, with 14 in the treatment group and 10 in the comparison group using western medicine, showed 10 patients in the comparison group were all dead in 24 weeks while in the treatment group, 6 still survived (42.86%) after 24 weeks. A different report on 25 liver cancer patients from China also showed similar results.
5. Prolapsed organs: 1) Stomach prolapse: 5 reports on 198 stomach prolapse patients using F6 formula showed 118 were cured (59.59%), 43 significantly improved (21.72%), 28 improved (14.36%) and 9 did not improve (4.55%).  2) Uterus prolapse: Three reports on 29 uterus prolapse patients taking F6 formula for a monthshowed all cured after treatment.   3) Rectum prolapse: Two reports on 202 rectum prolopse patients, with histories from three months to three years anda ll taking F6 or its modifications from one to three months showd 177 were cured (87.62%), 12 significantly improved (5.94%), 10 improved (4.95%) and 3 did not respond to the treatment (1.49%).
6. Liver disease: .The F6 formula can increase RNA in liver cells. GDH, SDH, MAO, G-6-P, G-6-PDH, LDH, ACP, N-Ease readings in liver disease patients are all improved. Five clinical reports on 171 chronic liver disease patients taking F6 formula from one to three months showed 112 were cured (65.49%), 36 significantly improved (21.05%), 23 improved (13.45%). Another two reports on 158 hepatitis B patients taking F6 for three months showed 90 were cured (56.96%), 31 significantly improved (27.68%), 23 improved (14.56%) and 14 did not respond to the treatment (8.86%).
7. Low blood pressure: Four reports on 104 LBP patients taking F6 from two to four weeks found 57 cured (54.80%), 26 significantly improved (25%), 17 improved (16.35%) and 4 did not improve (3.85%). Several lab test also showed similar results.
8. Dizziness: Four reports on 313 patients with dizziness due to various diseases, all taking F6 from three to four weeks found 195 were cured (62.30%), 65 greatly improved (20.76%), 48 improved (15.84%) and 5 did not improve (1.60%).
9. Flu: Two reports on 80 patients taking F6 for an average of four days showed all cured or significantly improved. Another report from Japan on 20 flu patients also revealed a 70% cure rate.
10. Spontaneous pnemothorax: Of 34 spontaneous pnemothorax patients taking F6 or its modifications from nine to 25 days, 33 were cured and only one did not improve. 
11. Milky urine: Six reports on 249 patients taking F6 or its modifications for up to three weeks found 209 were cured (83.93%), 29 improved (11.64%) and 11 did not improve after the treatment (4.42%).
12. Kidney and urinary tract stones: 72 patients taking F6 for five days reported. ll pain had disappeared; X-rays showed 18 patients' stones moved downward and 6 did not show any stone left in X-ray.
13. Metrorrgagia and metrostaxis: Three reports on 181 patients taking F6 or its modifications for up to a month found more than 90% were cured or significantly improved after treatment.
14. Male infertility: Two reports on 100 cases from Japan showed great results. Sperm count and activity were both up by around 70%. 21 patients' impregnated their wives after treatment. Another three reports also confirmed the effectiveness of F6 to treat male infertility.
15. Pediatric chronic upper respiratory infections: A study examined 200 patients from 1 to 7 years old. More than 75% had seven or more URIs in the past year. Patients were divided evenly into a treatment group and a comparison group.  The treatment group had much fewer repeated infections with much fewer symptoms than the comparison group, p<0.05.

Toxicity and side effects: In a lab test with 2 x 166g/Kg/d for three days, there were no deaths in the animals in the next seven days. A very safe formula with no known side effects.
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A bottle of Herb Allergy F6 at $19.99!!
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A month supply of Herb Allergy F6 at $69.99!! Save over $10.00!!
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12 bottles of Herb Allergy F6 at $189.99!! Save over 20%!!Plus FREE S/H!!
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