Food Supplements for Pain Relief

Pain is the most common ailment for human beings. Our herb pain relief  formulas consist of many formulas in the eighteen categories. Just select the one that best describe your problem, follow the link and you will find the one for you. If you could not find the one you need or if you have any question, just e-mail us and our experienced herbalist will help you in no time.

1. Headaches;

2. Migrant headache;

3. Trigeminal neuralgia;

4. Neck pain;

5. Shoulder joint;

6. Chest pain;

7. Rib and rib cage;

8. Stomach;

9. Liver and gallbladder;

10. Herpes;

11. PMS;

12. Spinal cord;

13. Bone spurs;

14. Sciatica nerve;

15. Lower back and leg;

16. Arthrits and gout;

17. Fracture and trauma;

If you could not find the formula you need, please e-mail us with your problems and our experienced professionals will do our best to help you. Thank you.

This page was last updated on: December 4, 2005
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