Herb Antacid F6
Herb Antacid F6: Acid reflux with stomach distension, poor appetite, mental problems, dizziness, vomiting, fever and chills, low immune system, dry and bitter sensation in the mouth.

1. Digestive tract: The F6 formula can inhibit gastric acid secretion and prevent gastric ulcers in lab rats. At a dosage of 10g/Kg, F6 can help to secrete gastric mucus to protect the stomach wall. It also prevents damage from 0.2 N NaOH in the gastric tract. Three clinical reports on 150 acid-reflux gastritis patients with histories ranging from four months to three years, who took the F6 formula for a month, found only 7 patients did not improve (4.67%). The remaining 143 (95.32%) patients were either cured or improved.
2. Liver and gallbladder: More than 14 lab tests conducted in Japan showed the F6 formula is effective in protecting liver cells from various chemical damage. Reports from China and Taiwan also support the findings. In clinical reports, of 100 gall stone patients using F6 or its modification, 85 percent excreted stones. Among another 113 gall bladder disease patients using the F6 formula, 79 were cured (69.91%) and 34 improved (30.19%). Numberous clinical reports using F6 to treat various liver diseases. Some additional clinical conclusions are: The F6 formula can help to improve GOT, GPT, ALP, TTT, ZnTT, r-GTP, and ALT readings to treat jaundice patients and also shorten hospitalization times (22.7 vs. 40.93 days).
3. Immune system: F6 can help increase NK and LAK cells. It also increases the amount and activity of marcopharge cells. F6-treated cells were four times stronger than among the comparison group using ATSO from Coriolus. IL-1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 were all more activate after treatment. It also shows some effect in inhibiting HIV-1 virus, IC 50 is 700mg/ml. Six reports from Japan and China using F6 to treat flu patients all achieved good results. Two reports on 40 orchitis patients using F6 from seven days to a month showed 25 patients cured (62.5%), 3 significantly improved (7.5%), 7 improved (17.5%) and 5 (12.5%) did not improve.  Four reports on 123 bronchial pneumonia and whooping cough patients taking F6 from seven days to three months found 101 cured (82.11%), 11 improved (8.94%) and 11 did not improve. Another four clinical reports also showed similar results.
4. Kidney: A report document of one chronic nephritis patient who had been treated by regular western medicines and whose best outcome so far was 1,200 ml urine/d. After taking F6 for two days, the patient's daily urine was up to 3,200 ml. A report from Japan using F6 and acupuncture to treat 40 acute and chronic nephritis patients shows the following results: Urine protein, histmaine, IgE, IgG were all down and cAMP was up significantly. Renal tissue biopsy confirmed the significant improvement. Another 16 patients also achieved similar results.
5. Dizziness: A clinical report on 78 dizziness patients, divided into a treatment group (n=42) and a comparison group using Diphenhydraminum and other drugs (n=36), showd the following results: cured: 35 vs. 22 (83.33% vs. 61.11%), improved: 5 vs. 5 (11.90% vs. 13.89%) and not improved: 2 vs. 9 (4.76% vs. 25%), p<0.05. Another two reports on 55 dizziness patients taking F6 formula showed 50 cured (90.91%) and 5 improved.    
6. High fever: Three reports on 139 high fever patients taking F6 from one to 11 days showed 109 cured (78.41%), 27 improved (19.42%) and only 3 did not improve. Another study used F6 or its modification to treat 203 pediatric acute upper respiratory infection patients. The average treatment time was 1.64 days, which was 12 hours shorter than the 2.13 days of the comparison group using western medicine. 32 cancer-related high fever patients (17 cases between 37 to 38 C, 10 cases between 38 to 39 C and 5 cases were above 39 C) taking F6 or its modifications found 17 patients, or 53.12% cured (temperatures dropped to 37C);13, or  53.12% improved (temperature dropped more than 1 C, or 2 F) and 2 did not improve.
7. Mumps and orchitis: 25 mumps patients with orchrotis took F6 and other formulas for about a week. They reported their fever reduced in one to four days; mumps swelling was gone in two to five days; testicular swelling and pain decreased in two to seven days. 
8. Malaria: 15 acute and chronic malaria patients taking F6 were all cured or significantly improved. Another four clinical reports also showed similar results.
9. PMS: Of 167 patients taking F6 or its modification, 77 cured (46.10%), 57 significantly improved (34.13%), 22 improved (13.17%) and 11 did not improve (6.58%).
10. Menopause-related uterine bleeding: 32 females had been treated by various means, and underwent biopsy to exclude possibility of cancer. All took F6 or its modifications from a week to four weeks.  All 32 were cured or significantly improved. 19 patients did not have any bleeding three years after treatment, while 13 patients did have some bleeding after seven months of treatment.

Toxicity and side effects: In lab animal tests, F6 is very safe for long-term use. After testing six generations of mice, researchers found no abnormality in the offspring.
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A bottle of Herb AntiAcid F6 at $13.99!!
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A month supply of Herb AntiAcid F6 at $49.99!! Save over 10%!!
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12 bottles of Herb AntiAcid F6 at $129.99! Save over 20%!! Plus FREE S/H!
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