Herb Anti-HBP F2
Herb Anti-HBP F2: High blood pressure with fluid retention, difficult urination, edema, diarrhea, chronic kidney problems and tendency to vomit when drinking fluids.

1. High blood pressure: In a lab test using F2 at 0.6ml/L, compared to Clonidinum at 0.1ml/L, in HBP mice, the average blood pressure in the F2 group dropped significantly, and the reduction lasted longer than in the Clonidinum group. In a report on 209 pregnant HBP subject, 156 were cured (74.64%), 48 improved (22.97%) and only 5 patients (2.39%) did not improve.  Three reports on 15 cerebral edema patients taking F2 showed 1 cured (6.66%), 10 in remission or significantly improved (66.66%), 3 improved (20.0%) and 1 did not (6.66%).
2. Edema or fluid retention: Nephritis: Four reports on 212 patients with edema due to nephritis, who were treated with F2 show 180 were cured (84.91%), 12 significantly improved (5.66%), 11 improved (5.19%) and 9 did not (4.25%). In another study, 24 patients with kidney failure due to chemo-therapy were treated with F2 for an average of 12 days. Of them, 87.5.% of patients went into remission and more than 91.7% improved. Chronic heart failure with edema: Of 52 patients treated with F2 from three to four weeks, more than 92% improved. The F2 group showed better results than the comparison group taking regular western medicine.
3. Liver cirrhosis with ascitic fluid: Of 40 patients using F2 along with western medicine to treat ascitic fluid due to liver cirrhosis for 30 days, 23 were cured (53.49%), 13 improved (30.23%) and 4 did not (9.30%). Another four reports from China and Japan on 71 patients taking F2 for up to 4 moths showed 41 cured (57.75%), 11 significantly improved (15.49%), 16 improved (22.54%) and 3 did not improve (4.23%).
4. Pleural cavity fluid: Of 42 pleural fluid retention patients taking F2 for a month, 38 were cured (90.47%), 3 improved (7.14%) and one did not. Among 7 patients with TB-related pleural fluid retention who took F2 or its modifications, the average treatment time was 7.8 days, which is almost seven days shorter than for the comparison group using regular medicine. And there were no side effects such as losing protein, during treatment.
5. Urine retention, uroschesis: Three reports on 131 acute urine retention patients after operation (n=8) or postpartum (n=123) showed only 6 did not improve after 48 hours of treatment. The total cure rate was more than 95 percent.
6. Urinary tract infection and stones: Of 48 urinary tract infection patients taking F2 for a week, all were cured in just two to five days. They kept taking F2 for one more week, and all patients reported that they did not have another UTI for two to three years. Another study using F2 to treat 53 patients with urinary tract stones found 33 (62.26%) excreted the stones by urine. Another 15 patients who suffered uncontrollable urination when coughing took F2 or its modification and were all cured in 3 weeks.
7. Diarrhea: 347 patients were divided into a treatment group (n=116), a western medicine group (n=116) and a group taking western medicine plus Pepsinum (n=115). The total effective rate was: 95.7% vs. 87.1% vs. 70.9%, p<0.05 and p<0.01.  Another 112 adult diarrhea patients taking F2 or its modification were all cured in five days. Pediatric diarrhea:  Four reports on 361 patients taking F2 or its modifications from 1 to 4 days showed  291 were cured (80.60%), 19 significantly improved (5.26%), 42 improved (11.63%) and 9 did not improve (2.49%). Infant diarrhea: 166 infants with diarrhea due to coronary virus were divided into a treatment group (n=112) and a western medicine group (n=54).  In the treatment group, diarrhea was stopped in an average of 2.30 days while the contrast group required an average of 4.12 days, a very significant difference,  p<0.005.
8. Vomiting when drinking water: Two reports from Japan on 93 pediatric patients using F2 to treat vomiting when drinking water showed 77 were cured (83.69%), 6 improved (6.52%) and 10 did not (10.87%) after treatment. Another report on 30 adult patients found all cured but one (96.67%) in 10 days; the one required some western medicines.
9. Meniere's syndrome: Five reports on 192 Meniere's syndrome patients taking F2 or its modification from three to 45 days showed 158 were cured (82.29%), 16 significantly improved (8.33%), 10 improved (5.21%) and 8 did not improve (4.17%).
10. Joint fluid retention: Three studies of 37 patients taking F2 or its modifications to treat enlarged joint due to fluid retention for 30 days found 29 were cured (78.38%), 6 improved (16.22%) and 2 did not improve (5.41%).    

Toxicity and side effects: There are no known side effects or toxicity to the F2 formula.

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A bottle of Herb AntiHBP F2 at $13.99!!
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A month supply of Herb AntiHBP F2 at $49.99!! Save over 10%!!
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12 bottles of Herb AntiHBP F2 at $129.99!! Save over 20%!! Plus FREE S/H!
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