Food supplements for high cholesterol
1. Herb Anti-LDL F1:  High TC/LDL patients with angina, sharp pains in the chest, HBP, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, PMS, restlessness, cold or numb fingers.

LDL (low density lipoprotein) is a major factor for heart disease and stroke. For healthy individuals, LDL should be lower than 100mg/dL. Readings of between 130 and 160 mg/ dL are considered borderline, while an LDL reading of more than160 mg/dL is high and dangerous.

There are many reasons or mechanisms that explain high LDL. It might be your diet, age, weight, life style, family health history, or even depression. There are solutions, however. We have carefully selected ten herbal supplement formulas and two herbs to help you lower your LDL or TC (total cholesterol). Please read the indications of each formula and choose the one that fits your needs. Then click on the link for details. If you can not find the one you need, please e-mail us. We will review your case and reply in 24 hours!
2. Herb Anti-LDL F2: High TC/LDL plus mental problems including anxiety and depression,  and difficult bowel movements.

3. Herb Anti-LDL F3: High TC/LDL elderly patients, plus low back pain, weak knees, frequent night urination and diabetes.
4. Herb Anti-LDL F4: High TC/LDL plus constipation, over-weight, persistent thirst, bad breath, dry and bitter taste in mouth and headache.
5. Herb Anti-LDL F5: High TC/LDL plus mental problems, restlessness, poor digestion, diabetes, excessive phlegm or mucus and chronic kidney problems. 
7. Herb Anti-LDL F7: High TC/LDL plus hypertension, general weakness, turbid mind, frequent urination, lower back pain and kidney problems.
6. Herb Anti-LDL F6: High TC/LDL plus migraine/ vascular headache, dizziness, hypertension, insomnia and after stroke.
8. Herb Anti-LDL F8: High TC/LDL plus menopause, depression,  excessive growth of mammary glands, tight feeling in the rib cage, PMS and liver diseases.
9. Herb Anti-LDL F9: High TC/LDL plus dizziness, Meniere's syndrome, water retention, general weakness and chronic ear infections.
10. Herb Anti-LDL F10: High TC/LDL plus diabetites and poor eyesight.
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