Herb for Man F10
Herb for Man F10: male infertility, anemia or low RBC with shortness of breath, palpitations, CFS (chronic fatigue syndroms); also for cancer patients after chemo or radiation therapy.

1. Male infertility: 19 low sperm count patients took F10 and other herb supplement for three months and the total effective rate is 58 percent. Another six patients took F10 and their wife were all pregnant, five delivered the baby on time (83.33 percent).
2. Anemia: 30 patients with uterus fibroma (cysts) caused anemia took F10 at 9g/d dose, compared with another group taking regular medicine. The F10 group noted a shorter period of time required to get patients ready for surgery. In another study, eight chronic anemia (5 AA, 2 PARA and 1 ITP) patients, from 52 to 82 years old, who did not respond well to other treatment methods took F10 for two months. Four were significantly improved, 3 improved and one did not.  
3. Cancer: 35 urinary tract cancer patients took F10 for 12 weeks after surgery. Overall improvement rate was 75%.  F10 is very effective helping cancer patients recover from surgery, chemo.and radiation therapy. Another report tested the F10 formula's ability  to prevent side effects from radiation therapy. Only 12.5% of the patient in the treatment group had chemo therapy-related side effects, while the comparison group reported 28.6%. There is a significant difference between the two groups, p<0.01. Another two reports on 60 various cancer patients after surgery, chemo.or radiation therapy taking F10 at 9 gram/d showed all improved in WBC and RBC counts in 12 weeks.  F10 can also improve the growth of CFU-S cells in the bone marrow.
4. Improved immune function: Of 35 CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) patients taking F10 from one to nine months, 26 were improved (74.29%) and no damage was found in their liver and kidney structure. Of 18 patients with low immune function, 14 improved in NK, ADCC and PDA readings after taking F10.
5. Reynold's syndrome: 30 Reynold's syndrome (18 MCTD, 3 SLE, 2 UCTD and 7 other diseases) patients took F10 for 4 weeks; 20 improved (66.67%) with less frequent  symptoms and the temperature of their fingers increased. 
6. Herpes: In a study of 10 patients taking F10 along with western medicine and a comparison group (n=5) taking western medicine only, the F10 group required an average of 12.5 days to become pain free, a much shorter period than the comparison group, p<0.05. There was no recurrence in the F10 group in three months, but one recurrence happened among the comparison group.

Toxicity and side effects: Some patients might experience poor appetite or stomachache after taking F10. No toxicity has been reported.
A bottle of Herb for Man F10 at $19.99!
A bottle of Herb for Man F10 at $19.99!
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A month supply of Herb for Man F10 at $69.99! Save  over 10%!!
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12 bottles of Herb for Man F10 at $189.99! Save  over 20% Plus FREE S/H!
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