PMS Relief F8
PMS Relief F8: PMS with high LDL or TC, tightness and fullness in the rib cage, low energy, depression, menopause syndromes, liver and gallbladder problems. 

1. PMS: Of 48 PMS patients aged from 15 to 45 years old taking the F8 formula for three months, 30 cured (62.5%), 12 improved (25%) and 6 did not improve (12.5%). Another report on 52 patients showed similar results and an 88.4% improvement rate.
2. Central Nerve System (CNS): The F8 formula can increase the secretion of dopaminum and decrease DOPAC. It also improves T3, T4, TSH and ALD level in hyperthyroid animals. Two clinical reports of 40 patients with mental disorders taking F8 showed great results; only 3 patients did not respond to treatment. Another three reports also confirmed the F8 formula's effects on mental diseases.
3. Menopause syndrome: The F8 formula greatly increases the estrogen levels of female lab animals. A clinical report on 158 menopausal women taking F8 or its modification found 103 cured (65.19%), 51 improved (32.28%) and  only 4 patients did not improve. Another report of 62 menopause patients showed all improved or cured by the F8 formula.
4. High Cholesterol: The F8 formula is very effective in reducing cholesterol. A study of 126 high cholesterol patients, who were divided into a treatment group (n=84) using F8 formula and a comparison group (n=42) using Hawthorn extract found that after 45 days, the treatment group's TC was reduced by 31.7% while TG was lowered by 36.7%. Both numbers are better than that of the comparison group. There are significant differences in TC and TG in the two groups, both p<0.05.
5. Hepatitis: In two reports on a total of 113 hepatitis patients taking F8 formula or its modifications, only two patients did not improve.  The other 111 (98.23% ) patients were either clinically cured or significantly improved. Another report of 33 hepatitis B patients using the F8 formula showed 25 patients cured (75.5%) while 8 cases did not improve (24.5%). Liver Cirrhosis: Of 24 patients in three reports taking F8 or its modifications, 13 were cured (54.16%), 9 improved (37.5%) and only 2 did not respond well to the treatment.
6. Excessive growth of mammary glands: In five reports on 415 patients taking F8 or its modifications up to two months,  260 patients were cured (62.65%), 79 significantly improved (19.04%), 47 improved (11.32%) and 29 did not improve (6.99%).
7. Infertility: of 30 female patients, ranging in age from 24 to 38 years old, all taking F8 or its modifications for up to nine months, 20 got pregnant (66.66%), PMS and other menstrual problems all improved. 
8. Chronic pelvic infections: Two reports on 160 patients taking the F8 formula or its modifications from one to three weeks showed 122 cured (76.25%), 24 significantly improved (15%), 13 improved (8.125%) and only one did not improve.
9. Poor appetite: Of 50 patients aged from 3 to 14 years, all with chronic poor appetite and no other ailments, taking F8 or its modification for up to two months, 30 were cured and the other 20 all improved.

Side effects and toxicity: The IV LD50 of F8 formula is 20.77g/Kg. The oral LD50 is greater than 200g/Kg. A very, very safe formula. 
A bottle of PMS Relief F8 at $13.99!!
A bottle of PMS Relief F8 at $13.99!!
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A month supply of PMS Relief F8 at $49.99!! Save over 10%!!!
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12 bottles of PMS Relief F8 at $129.99!! Save over 20%!!! Plus FREE S/H!
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