Food supplements for sinus infection or rhinitis
1. Sinus F1: Sinus or rhinitis.
2. Sinus F2: Sinus or rhinitis with profuse sweating, tendency to catch cold or flu, chronic upper respiratory infection, eczema and low immune function.
3. Sinus F3: Sinus or rhinitis with vascular headache, dizziness, turbid mind, high blood pressure and seizure.
4. Sinus F4: Sinus or rhinitis with fever, bronchitis, asthma, URI (upper respiratory infection), whooping cough, pneumonia and body ache.
5. Sinus F5: Sinus or rhinitis with irregular menstrual periods, PMS, insomnia, vascular headache, skin rash and female infertility problems.
6. Sinus F6: Sinus or rhinitis with CFS, low energy, poor immune function, liver disease, fever and excessive sweating, weak voice and prolapsed organs.
7. Sinus F7: Sinus with chronic allergic problems.
8. Sinus F8: Sinus or rhinitis with frontal headache, stuffy nose, frontal lobe distension, excessive sinus drainage, chills and fever.
10. Sinus F10: Sinus or rhinitis with anemia, chronic low fever, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, gastric ulcer and hepatitis B.
9. Sinus F9: Sinus or rhinitis with excessive yellow nasal mucus discharge, appendicitis, skin infection, mammary gland infection and stomach ulcer.
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11. Sinus F11: Allergy with pneumonia, whooping cough and bronchitis.
1. Throat F1: Throat infection or diphtheria, tonsillitis, laryngomalacia, mouth ulcer , nose bleeding or vocal cord inflammation.
2. Throat F2: Throat infections or high TC or LDL, angina, sharp pains in the chest, HBP, heart palpitation, shortness of breath, PMS, restlessness or numb fingers.

5. Throat F5: Throat or sinus or rhinitis with low RBC, excessive sex drive, hepatitis B, chronic inflammation and chronic laryngitis
3. Throat F3: Throat infections or rhinitis, chilitis, mouth ulcer, constipation, low fever or flu.
4. Throat F4: Throat infection or tracheitis,  bronchitis with voice loss, dry cough or nose bleeding.

Throat infection or Laryngomalacia