Food supplements for Flu and URI

3. Flu & URI F3: Flu or URI with headache, fever, sweating, skin rash or frostbite.

4. Flu & URI F4: Flu or URI with neck pain and tightness, no sweat, Bell's palsy or neck and shoulder problems.

5. Flu & URI F5: Flu or URI with cold and hot alternation, bronchritis, high fever, gastritis, liver disesses, nephritis or PMS.

6. Flu & URI F6: Flu or URI with excessive sweating, low energy, sinus, allergy reactions or measles.

7. Flu & URI F7: Flu with stomach symptoms, vomiting, diarrhea, headache or allergy reactions.

8. Flu & URI F8: Flu or URI with fever, no sweat, insomnia or headache.

9. Flu & URI F9: Summer flu with dyspepsia, liver and gallbladder problems or gastritis.

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This page was last updated on: December 4, 2005
1. Flu & URI F1: URI (upper respiratory tract infection) and flu with fever, cough or measles..

2. Flu & URI F2: Flu and URI with fever, no or few sweat, headache, thirsty, feeling cold or pneumonia.
10. Flu & URI F10: Flu or URI with high fever, thristy, red face profuse sweating and pneumonia.

11. Flu & URI F11: Flu and URI with high fever, constipation, headache, thirsty or pneumonia.
12. Flu & URI F12: Flu or URI with high fever, fluid retension or diarrhea.