Herb formulas for Man
Male infertility:

1. Man F1:  Impotence, night emission, weak and tired, low back and knee problem, low energy or ringing in ear.

2. Man F2:  Impotence with insomnia, poor rest, excessive thinking, neurosism, dry mouth or chronic tongue ulcer.

3. Man F3: Impotence, male and female "menopause" problems such as insomnia, general weakness and no sex desire. F3 also used for infertility or prostate problem.

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This page was last updated on: December 4, 2005
4. Man F4: Impotence with digestive malfunction such as gastritis, stomach distension, dry vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery and poor digestion.

5. Man F5: Impotence with high TC/LDL, angina, sharp pains in the chest, HBP, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, PMS, restlessness, cold or numb fingers.

6. Man F6: Impotence, acid-reflux with general weakness, spontaneous sweating, pale complexion, low immune system after surgery, chemo or radiation therapy.
7. Man F7: Impotence, lower back and leg pain, diabetes, coronary heart disease, asthma, chronic nephritis, infertility, prostate enlargement or low bone-density.

8. Man F8: Impotence, gastritis or chronic diarrhea or frequent urination
9. Man F9: Impotence, HBP with red, swollen eyes, migraine headache, bitter and sticky sensations in the mouth, acute ear infection, discomfort in the rib cage, genital and liver problems.
14. Man F14: Prostate problem, acute gallbladder infection with appendicitis, pelvic infection, large intestine obstruction or acute pediatric tonsillitis.

15. Man F15: Prostate, arthritis, gout pain with urinacid stone, urinary tract infections or stones.

12. Man F12: Prostate enlargement, ovary cyst, uterus leiomyoma, chronic pelvic infection, PMS or chronic hepatitisor nephritis.

13. Man F13: Prostate problem with high TC/LDL elderly patients, plus low back pain, weak knees, frequent night urination and diabetes.             

10. Man F10: Male infertility, general weakness, low and weak voice, anemia or low red blood cell count with shortness of breath, palpitations, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) or cancer patients undergoing chemo or radiation therapy.

11. Man F11: Male infertility with low sperm count, lower back pain, weak knee or frequent night urination.           

Prostate problems: