Food supplements for Tracheitis and Bronchitis

3. Tracheitis & bronchitis F3: Tracheitis and bronchritis with fluid retention, chest distension and tightness, palpitations, shortness of breath, Meniere's syndrome, pleural cavity fluid due to TB or chronic cough.

4. Tracheitis & bronchitis F4: Tracheitis and bronchritis with stomach distension, poor appetite, anxiety, vomiting, chronic low fever, flu, gastric ulcers, liver and gallbladder problems. .

5. Tracheitis & bronchitis F5: Tracheitis and bronchitis with whooping cough, afternoon fever or minor asthma attack.

6. Tracheitis & bronchitis F6: Tracheitis and bronchitis with profuse sputum, coughing, poor appetite and digestion.

7. Tracheitis & bronchitis F7: Tracheitis and bronchitis with chronic gastritis, stomach pain, dry cough, leg pain or dry skin.

8. Tracheitis & bronchitis F8: Tracheitis and bronchitis with chronic or senile cough.

9. Tracheitis & bronchitis F9: Tracheitis and bronchitis with voice loss, dry cough or nose bleeding.

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1. Tracheitis & bronchitis F1: Tracheitis and bronchitis with allergy, profuse sweating, tendency to catch cold or flu, chronic upper respiratory infection or renal infection, eczema and low immune function.

2. Tracheitis & bronchitis F2: Tracheitis and bronchitis fever, coughing, sticky and stink phelegm, chest pain or pneumonia.
10. Tracheitis & bronchitis F10: Tracheitis and bronchitis with URI, senile coughing, dry mouth, gastritis or vomiting.

11. Tracheitis & bronchitis F11: Tracheitis and bronchitis with whooping cough or pediatric chronic cough.