Herb Estrogen Supplements

1. Herb Estrogen F1: Menopause problems such as insomnia, general weakness and no sex desire. F1 is also used for female infertality or prostate problem.

2. Herb Estrogen F2: Menopause with emotional swings, anxiety, night sweat, heat flush and distension in the rib cage.

3. Herb Estrogen F3: Menopause with lower back pain, weak knee, frequent night urination, infertility, diabetitis or hyper thyroid problems.

4. Herb Estrogen F4: Menopause with excessive night sweating, heat flush, low fever, arthritis pain and general weakness.

5. Herb Estrogen F5: Menopause with low bone density, cold limbs, diabetitis, heart diseases, asthma, lower back pain and impotence.

6. Herb Estrogen F6: Menopause with headache, dizziness, high blood pressure or for stroke rehab patiennts.

7. Herb Estrogen F7: Menopause with mental disorders, insomnia or severe depression.

8. Herb Estrogen F8: Menopause with cold limbs, abdominal pains, angina, dizziness, female infertility or abnormal fetus position.
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This page was last updated on: December 4, 2005