The great Greek scientist Hippocrates said: "You are what you eat," and "Your food is your medicine." After 2,000 years, this wisdom is more relevant  than ever! Too many scientific studies point up the very close relationships between our health and our food. For example, if you have diabetes and go ahead and eat lots of candy, what's going to happen? If you have chronic kidney failure and visit fast food stores three times a week, everybody knows you are going nowhere but your tomb at high speed! Here at Naturedrug.com, we would like to offer natural food supplements to the general public to relieve symptoms of illness and maintain good health. We have natural herbal products in pills, plasters, and powders, as well as living herb plants, and everything you need to know about herbs to help you to relieve pain, control symptoms and generally manage your health naturally.

Our ancestors used herbal remedies for thousands of years. In most parts of the world, herbs are still in the mainstream of medical practice. Actually, many prescription drugs are derived, extracted or synthesized from herbs or Mother Nature. Prescription drugs extract the "essence" of herbs to treat disease, like Lycopene, which comes from tomatoes, aspirin from willow bark, or Ginkgoheterosides from the ginkgo leaf. However, many useful ingredients and compounds may be lost during the processing.

At Naturedrug.com, we provide you with the BEST possible herb products as your food supplements, as well as information and advice on their use. Our products are all produced by GMP (Good Manufacture Product) certified facilities. Some of them are even pharmaceutical grade! That means the strength and purity are much better than similar preparations in supermarkets.

The information you will find here comes from our extensive library database, which encompasses some1,000 books, periodicals and reference materials. Most of the books are written in Chinese, so we do our best in translating and editing the treatises to bring this information to you. We also try our best to keep the site updated with latest information. We work quickly to bring the information to you; please excuse us any possible misspellings, grammar errors or editorial glitches, Our staff members also bring considerable experience to these matters of herbal remedies. They are all licensed and have U.S. advanced degrees in such fields as Healthcare, Herbalogy, Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. With more than 20 years of total experience, our staff has abundant knowledge to answer your questions.

Please ALWAYS consult your MD or physician before you try our herbal products, suggestions or information. Also, do NOT stop taking your current medication before you talk to your doctor, or you may suffer severe consequences.

We serve people like families and friends, not just clients. Please relax and explore our pages! If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us! You will have your answer in 24 hours. Thank you.
This page was last updated on: April 1, 2012