Top 50 Drugs' Nature Alternative Supplements
Here is the list of the Top 50 Prescription Drugs. Scroll through this list to find any pres- cription drugs that you might be taking currently and just click the related herb supplement title to see what is a good natural herb alternative. Please read our disclaimer before you order from us. Thanks for your understanding.

1. Zocor             by  Merck & Co.

This is a very popular drug to reduce LDL and increase HDL in patients with high cholesterol. You may find all the related information at the link above. However, there are many possible side effects related to this drug. Here is a good link,, for all the side effect forums of different drugs. We believe there are many natural herb supplements that could correct the high cholesterol problem and lower your risk of heart disease. Please click here to see our Herb Anti-LDL page. 
2. Lipitor             by  Pfizer

Another popular cholesterol-lowering drug. It has similar side effects to Zocor. Please see the other link to for details. In 2001, Bayer Corp., withdrew its cholesterol-lowering drug, Baycol, because it was tied to many deaths in the USA caused by Rhabdomyolysis, which destroys muscle cells and cause kidney failure! Baycol, Zocor and Lipitor ALL belong to the same drug family called Statins!! To find out the natural herb alternatives to Lipitor, please click Herb Anti-LDL for details.
3. Prilosec/Losec               by AstraZeneca

A popular anti-acid. Prilosec/Losec is a proton-pump inhibitor. The common side effects are: headache, diarrhea and vomiting. Please click our Herb Antacid page to see our alternatives.
4. Norvasc              by Pfizer

Norvasc is used to reduce HBP (high blood pressure) and control angina. It's a slow- acting calcium channel blocker. There are many possible side effects.  Please click here for details. Our Herb Anti-HBP pages will give you lots of information on how to take care of your HBP and lower your risk of angina, all naturally!

5. Procrit             by Johnson & Johnson

An injection drug that helps to increase the RBC(red blood cell) count and to prevent anemia. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine warned that Procrit could cause aplasia, condition in which the bone marrow fails to produce vital red blood cells! There are at least 75 reported cases in Europe now. We view the human body as a whole and think there are many supplements to increase RBC count. Click our Herb RBC for details.
6. Claritin             by Schering-Plough

A very popular allergy drug available over the counter or by prescription. Generally, Claritin has fewer side effects than most popular drugs. However, there are many ways to relieve allergies to pollen, food or other irritants. Click Herb Allergy now!!
7. Celebrex              by Pfizer/Pharmacia

The No. 1 pain killer for arthritis or joint ailments. An article from the Journal of the American Medical Association found patients taking Vioxx/Celebrex face an increased risk of blood clots, stroke and heart attacks! To find out more about affordable and safer natural supplements, click on our Herb Analgesic for details. .
8. Zyprexa/ Zydis             by Eli Lily

A drug to treat mental disorders such as schizophrenia, acute manic or bipolar disorder. However, lawsuits have been brought over its many side effects. The FDA, as well as health authorities in  England and Japan, have issued warnings for diabetic patients who also are taking Zyprexa: the side effects could be lethal!! Mental problems, like other diseases, is not an individual event and should not be treated by drugs alone. Your food could be your medicine! Hippocrates said so 2,000 years ago! Click here to see nature Herbal Mental supplements!
9. Prevacid             by Abbott/Takeda

Another proton-inhibitor like Prilosec/Losec to treat acid-reflux and stomach ulcer. It has  the same side effects, such as headache, diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomiting.  Please review our Herb Antacid supplements page to find out our Nature herbal solutions.
10. Paxil/ Seroxat             by Glaxo Smith Kline

Feel depressed or anxious? Don't want to have withdrawal symptoms as you might experience with Paxil or Seroxat? Actually, Paxil has more dangers than withdrawal symptoms! On June 19, 2003, the FDA issued a warning to physicians in the United States, instructing them not to prescribe Paxil to patients under 12 years old, for it will increase their chance of suicide!! An antidepressant that has suicidal side effects??? On our Herb Antidepressant supplements page, you will find many useful formulas and tips to keep you relaxed and motivated, naturally!
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