Top 50 Drugs' Alternative (continued)
11. Vioxx             by Merck & Co

A pain killer mostly used for osteoarthritis pain. However, the side effects of Vioxx can not be neglected. It has similar side effects to Celebrex, which namely increased chances of blood clots, stroke and heart attacks!! We have many wonderful natural Herb Painkiller supplements for different patients' needs! 
12. Zoloft              by Pfizer

A psychiatric drug used to treat depression, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Huge numbers of side effects have been reported!! We human beings should live peacefully with Nature, and we will show you how at our Herb Mental supplements page.
13. Pravachol            by Bristol-Myers Squibb

This is a drug to lower cholesterol (LDL) and prevent heart attack or angina. However, it's also another drug with too many side effects reported!  Please click here to see what we have to help your cholesterol naturally!!.
14. Epogen             by Amgen

Another IV drug to stimulate the production of RBC (red blood cell) like Procrit. However, due to the high cost of Epogen, not everybody who needs it has access to it!! There are many more affordable natural supplements to help you RBC count. Please check Herb RBC for details.
15. Premarin and Prempro           by Wyeth

A very controversial drug for ladies!!! A recent study conducted by NHLBI (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute) found that women who take Premarin, or Prempro, run a 26 percent higher risk of breast cancer; 41 percent increase in strokes; 100 percent increase in blood clots and 22 percent increase in heart disease! But is there an alternative? Yes! And there are many to be discovered on our Herb Estrogen supplements page!
16. Glucophage             by Bristol-Myers Squibb

Drug for Type II diabetes patients. But it might has also cause fatal kidney failure or heart attack! Click here to see why! Because Type II diabetes is not genetically-coded,it is not an inevitable disease. It can be prevented and helped naturally! Click on the  Herb Anti Diabetes supplements page to learn more details!
17. Augmentin              by GlaxoSmith Kline

A popular antibiotic used to treat lower-respiratory infections, middle-ear ailments and community-acquired pneumonia. The common side effects are: diarrhea, nausea, skin rashes and urticaria. There are lots of Herb Antibiotics supplements available, some are just in your own back yard! Check them out!
18. Prozac             by Eli Lily

A widely used drug for mental disorders, particularly depresion. But it may actually increase the incidence of suicide! Please see for details! You will be very surprised to see how many bad side effects it has! Mother Nature is our best healer, for mental and physical afflictions alike!! Check our Herb Mental supplement page now!

19. Cozaar/Hyzaar           by Merck & Co.

Used to lower HBP (High blood pressure) like Norvasc. You will not want to get hooked on these drugs forever to control your HBP. Besides, the side effects are too prevalent and too severe to be overlooked!! So check our supplements under Herbal  Anti HBP for details!
20. Risperdal            by Johnson & Johnson

A strong psychiatric drug with many side effects! Be careful when taking this one! It may increase your chance of stroke! Actually, in May 2003, Johnson & Johnson sent out a warning letter to U.S. physicians, citing the drug's elevated risk of stroke in elderly patients! Our Herb Mental supplement page contains lots of information and safe herb supplements for Risperdal patients!
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